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WHO Nomenclature

For your convenience we list a correlation table that covers the major texts and charts that we have examined.

Items in this colour conform to WHO standard
Meridian WHO Qiu Mao-Liang Deadman Masunaga Beresford-Cooke
Lung LU Lu LU LU Lu
Large Intestine LI L.I. L.I. LI LI
Spleen SP Sp SP SP Sp
Stomach ST St ST ST St
Heart HT H HE HT Ht
Small Intestine SI SI SI SI SI
Kidney KI K KID KI Ki
Bladder BL UB BL BL BL
Pericardium/ Heart Constrictor / Heart Protector PC P P HC HP
Triple Energiser/Triple Warmer / Triple Heater / SanJiao TE SJ SJ TH TH
Liver LR Liv LIV LV Liv
Gall Bladder GB GB GB GB GB
Conception Vessel CV REN REN CV CV
Governing Vessel GV DU DU GV GV


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