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Subtleties in the Charts - "Overlapping Meridians"

Subtleties in the Charts - "Overlapping Meridians"

This is only a problem on the charts containing Masunaga’s extensions, where a couple of meridians overlap.

Examine the front images around GB23 and GB24 to see the problem. Imagine treating this area and attempting to select out one meridian or another to work on. Its very difficult to identify the dominant line at the overlap and of course will vary according to your client’s health state.

When we were actually constructing the linework and later colouring it we found we needed to have a consistent way to resolve the contention. The available literature does not pay much, if any, attention to the problem so we chose to follow the Construction Cycle, beginning with Lung (LU), as that was traditional. However in conversations with Carola Beresford-Cooke it was noted that the meridians differed in depth from the surface in different parts of the body. Lung, for example, is at the surface and “bright” in the lower arm, but deeper in the chest over the organ. Kidney is similar in that it is deepest near the kidneys.

It makes sense that meridians should be found deeper in the body as they neared the organ they must connect to but further study is needed to establish the variation in depth throughout the body.

The practical consequences are that you ought either avoid the area as much as possible, or learn to identify each meridian in the presence of others.